Match your carpet with your cleaning abilities

Match your carpetWhen the time for a carpet purchase comes, usually we think about how it will look among the interior design. We imagine the future rug next to the living room furniture or matched with the curtains, the kitchen cloth or the chandelier. However, these are not the only things you should consider. You need to match the carpet not with the interior only, but with your cleaning abilities, too.

See our specially gathered tips and pick up a nice rug that will suit your maintenance habits, as well!

  • If you are a prudent housekeeper that never misses a chance to dust or brush the upholstery, you may get any carpet you like. Even if it is white or natural one, you may not worry that it will ruin quickly.
  • On the other side, if you are a complete dummy in household maintenance, a stylish or hand-knotted carpet isn’t the best idea. Though, if you really fall in love into a particular rug, consider to protect it with some mats or Scotchgard Protector. Thus, it will survive for at least one year.
  • There are lots of people, who remember about carpet sanitising only during the seasonal home refreshment. If you are one of those people, skip the light patterns. You can still acquire a nice natural rug – for instance, 100% woollen one – and be extra cautious not to damage it during the rest of the time.
  • If you leave on rent and you purchase a carpet as an investment that will additionally become your landlord’s property, be attentive in your choice, too. During the tenancy cleaning you are supposed to put the carpet into its primary reputable condition.
  • Avoid having a natural carpet in case you are used to apply only toxic detergents. They will destroy the delicate fibres immediately.

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