Are there carpets, that specialists don’t recommend for anything in the world?

Carpets that specialists do not recommendWhat kind of carpet specialists do not recommend at all? If that is the question on your mind, then here is our answer: synthetic rugs. They may be cheap, but are tough to get released from grime, hair and lint. Look at the reasons we have selected for you why not to buy a synthetic carpet:

  • Synthetic carpet could not be kept looking clean for longer – even the smallest stains are easily visible;

  • Synthetic carpet is hard to sanitise – that type of carpet is known to accumulate dust, dirt and allergens. Even regular cleaning will not remove the germs completely. Anything on the carpet, whether that is wheels or shoes could be lodged in it. Frequent vacuuming could reduce that bad effect but will not eliminate it at all. In that situation, the best you could do is seek help from the professional carpet cleaners;
  • Old, natural area rugs are quite easier to maintain than the synthetic ones – wool carpets could be rolled up and tossed out by one person only. The synthetic rugs have to be torn out and discarded;
  • Natural carpets are safe for the environment – natural carpets which are made of 100% raw materials emit no harsh chemicals during its manufacturing process;
  • Synthetic carpets are bad for your health – some of the chemicals which were used in making those rugs include ethylbenzene, which is a cause of eye irritation; azulene, which is a reason of headaches and some other substances, which could cause nausea, asthma and nervous system disorders;
  • Synthetic carpets are bad for the environment – not only those carpets but even carpet pads, cushions would be a bad decision for your home as well;
  • Tile and wood floors are easier to disinfect – nail polish remover, nail polish, wine stains, paint, pet stains, the examples could be many, but they all have one thing in common: they make the carpet useless and ugly. If you live in a house rental, you should think about your possible moving out and post tenancy cleaning as well. By replacing carpets with natural rugs and wood floors, when you need to add some warmth, you will make the right choice.

In the end, you all know that everything natural is preferable. So, natural carpets are more stylish than the synthetic ones – they are more various and more beautiful, aren’t they?

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