Hidden dirt removal during spring cleaning

Easy spring cleaningIs there anybody who doesn’t adore spring season? The rebirth of Mother nature, the birds singing, the fresh air outside and the incomparable green colour of grass. All that beauty and freshness blossoms in the beginning of spring. We, people who have inhabited dusty living areas all the winter season, start to notice all the dirty areas in each and every corner of our dwellings.

With the first spring rays of the sun, we realise that thorough sanitising is required if we insist on improving our domestic environment. That is how we understand that the time for the spring cleaning has come. There are some tips that make it easier to do the spring sanitising.
Our pieces of advice concern the hidden amount of dirtiness. Check them out:

  • Here is an important detail – most people usually ignore the control buttons of their oven. You see that they become greasy and a lot of clutter hides behind them. If they can be removed, leave them in soapy water for a couple of hours, dry them up, then reconnect. If these buttons can’t be taken down, you can wipe them carefully with a soapy cloth. Deep oven cleaning inside and outside won’t be surplus either.
  • What about all the accumulated limescale? There are special detergents appropriate for removing limescale from tiles, sinks and taps. You can also wrap the sink taps with cloth soaked in vinegar and leave it like that for the whole night. In the morning, you can gently wipe the taps and the annoying limescale will be gone.
  • Do you hate cobwebs? Sweep them off with an upward motion! Be careful not to wipe cobwebs down, because thus they will stick to the wall. Spring cleaning always comprises cobwebs eliminating, just do it right!
  • Don’t worry if you have just mopped your floor and it’s still dull or there are some streaks after drying. Just mop it again with 1 cup of vinegar dissolved in a bucket full of water. Only marble and wooden floors make exception, so don’t apply this method on such types of floorings in order to protect their surface.
  • Yellowed curtains are a real nightmare for many housekeepers. The answer is simple – just soak these curtains in the bathtub for a whole night. It’s important to add salt in the water – (125g for 1 liter). On the next day, you have to rinse carefully and after that put them in the washing machine without centrifugation. Finally you should hang them wet.
  • Sills and ledges must be also damp wiped, because lots of dust is gathered there. If you invite some professional domestic cleaners in your sweet home, they will definitely pay attention at these important details – door handles and frames, switches and sockets.
  • Some people underestimate the areas under the carpet, but they have to be vacuum cleaned too. Filth and soil are also hidden there, so be diligent and remove them all.

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