Bring more natural light at home!

Bring more natural light at home!Instead of using more light bulbs at home, consider providing more daylight to the rooms. If you do it, then you will have lower electricity bills and your house will become more comfortable and cosy.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Use mirrors – they are able to reflect the light. So, the more mirrors you have, the better for your premises. You can even buy furniture with mirrored accents or glass panels. In order to get maximum natural light, you should use glass doors.
  • Bet on light colours – cream, eggshell blue, gray and any other light colours are great for boosting the natural light at your home. You should choose light hues instead of dark ones, because they are better in reflecting light. That is your purpose, right?
  • Move furniture – your furniture could be the reason for not getting enough natural light. Consider moving it so it won’t be near any glass doors or windows. Let the sunshine in your home!
  • Get rid of your heavy curtains – having curtains and drapes is undoubtedly something important. But you should avoid any of them which are made from velvet, brocade and other heavy fabrics. Otherwise, your rooms may become visually smaller and darker. When you are about to run carpet cleaning London at home do not forget to wash your curtains as well since both accumulate dust and dirt.
  • Change the front door – replace the solid dark door with one that features a window. If you want to protect your home from burglary, then you can buy glass doors with special high-security glass.
  • Opt for the right blinds – some shades may block the flow of natural light even when they are open. Select the most appropriate type of blinds which will let the light come in the room without any problems.
  • The windows – make sure you open the windows on a regular basis. Keep them always clean by using high-quality cleaning products. If you need any kind of advice, then you can contact your London end of tenancy cleaners.

Many people prefer natural light instead of artificial and this is not a random thing. As a rule, everything natural is the better choice. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. So, if you let more of it into the rooms, then it will be beneficial for the health of you and your family. Think about that!

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