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How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?

How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?Doing yoga has a lot of benefits for your health – not only it keeps you fit but it improves your overall appearance and mood. Having a yoga mat is essential but do you remember the last time you have changed it? If it has lost its initial condition and you don’t find it comfortable anymore, don`t rush to toss it away. Here are some uses of your old yoga mat at home. Continue reading

How to unclog a kitchen sink

How to unclog a kitchen sinkBelieve it or not, your kitchen sink is among the dirtiest places at home. No matter if it looks relatively clean, you may rest assured it hosts a colony of dirt and food leftovers. You might not be surprised to know that the majority of homeowners seek plumbing professionals to deal with the clogged kitchen sink. If you cannot afford it to hire a professional plumber or you are enthusiastic about solving the issue on your own, here are some proven tips and tricks you will find really helpful the next time you face that challenge. Continue reading