Reduce the risk of allergies and sickness with these hacks

Reduce the risk of allergies and sickness with these hacksEvery day we spend more than 85 percent of our time indoors, constantly attacked by infections and allergies, such as dust, insect debris, bacteria and molds. These microbes and dirtiness harm our health, there is no doubt about that. Here’s how you can reduce attacks of allergies and asthma following some simple tips for home cleaning.

  • Discard piles of old newspapers, clean of crumbs everywhere and correct all taps or leaking pipes. All these places are very attractive for cockroaches, whose feces are a powerful allergen.
  • Clean your air conditioner and its filter regularly. Replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as cooling systems are ideal for mold and filth.
  • Vacuum your curtains. If possible, buy curtains that can be washed in a washing machine – it’s the better option. In case of Bromley end of tenancy cleaning your mission will be easier too.
  • If you have pets, try to clean the walls and doors with a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt which is nearly invisible.
  • To prevent the formation of mold in the refrigerator, wipe the interior with vinegar. The acid successfully kills the fungus mold.
  • Put a good doormat in front your door and from inside to reduce the dust that enters your house. This will reduce your cleaning efforts. Even carpet cleaning Islington will be easier.
  • Pollen and animal dandruff are gathered in the cushions on the furniture. Therefore, better use pillow covers that are easily removed and cleaned.
  • If you are attacked by ants, wash the corners, cabinets and floors with equal amounts of vinegar and water.

Follow these simple hacks and make your home a better place to live in!

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