How to store your red wine the right way

How to store your red wine the right wayIt doesn’t matter if you are a fancy wine drinker or you just couldn’t finish the last night’s bottle of red wine – in both cases you need to store it properly. You should know that sunlight, extreme temperatures and even not standing still can seriously alter the taste of your wine. Read on to see whether you will find some useful tips on storing your red wine.

  • You should keep your wine cool. This means between 8-18 degrees Celsius. If you store your precious drink at a temperature that is too low the cork’s seal can be damaged and air will seep into the bottle. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high the flavor will flatten. In both cases, you will ruin your wine so keep it in between these temperatures.
  • Next time you do your house cleaning London find a spot that is free of any direct sunlight. Make sure you clean this place well and start keeping your red wine bottles there – they like to be kept in the dark. Maybe you have noticed that red wine is sold in dark-coloured bottles. This is because red wine does not like any sun. It will ruin the taste plus it will fade the labels.
  • You should keep your bottles sideways. When the cork gets some liquid up against it, it won’t dry up and air will not come into your wine. However, if you haven’t properly closed the bottle some spillages may occur. London tenancy cleaners recommend to mix soap and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts and blot the stain with paper towel. Yes, it’s a stubborn stain and it’s hard to remove but that doesn’t mean impossible.
  • As we mentioned above red wine should be kept still. Any sharp movement can speed up the chemical reaction leading to altering the taste. So if you keep your bottle of red wine in a cabinet that you frequently use and it is more likely for the bottle to be moved around – change the spot!

Now that you know all these tips on how to properly store your red wine you can calmly pour a glass and enjoy your day!

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