How to make your kid start reading books?

Kid reading bookTV shows and series, video games and interactive digital entertainment gadgets, internet video web sites and social medias – these are all the negative factors that make your kid not wanting to read at all! However, you shouldn’t put the entire guilt over these! There are so many other – positive – factors that lead to children’s dislike of reading. A kid will prefer playing with children at the outdoors, or doing some sport, too. And parents – no matter how loving they are – sometimes forget to teach them read, as well. But do not worry! There is a way to change the things. See how to make your kid start reading books:

  • Start with popular books. Most of today’s famous kid’s movies are based on movie. If your kid loves Harry Potter, buy the book. As a matter of fact, video games are also quite connected with old classics, as well.

  • Make your kid follow you. There is no such a kid, who doesn’t copy his parents. The more your child sees you reading, the bigger his curiosity will become.
  • Spend time together. Free a day by hiring steam carpet cleaners. Leave them the housekeeping and take your kid to a fancy bookstore. A child will see its coevals reading. This will motivate any girl or boy to read, too.
  • Make gifts. Children love receiving presents. Don’t go too far by making only book gifts. On the contrary, alternate books with clothes, toys and school appliances.
  • If paper books just don’t work, don’t give up! Any kid will be fascinating by a brand new tablet. However, when you buy the device, be more tactical. Explain your kid that Bill Gates has invented the tablet for reading, not for playing games.
  • Tell your kid stories. When your son was 3, you told him bed night fairy tales. Why not restoring this tradition? Tell him interesting book stories in the weekends or while you are doing the end of rental cleaning!

Last, but not least, try to make your kid love books. Otherwise, reading will become just like another duty your son or daughter has.

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