Alone on Valentine’s Day? Check this out!

Alone on Valentine's Day? Check this out!The Love feast is on our doorstep and just a few weeks away. Couples holding hands and love floating in the air; roses and boxes of fine chocolate all around  - this does not seem like the perfect day to spend when you are alone? But you cannot be more than wrong!

This is just the day to celebrate your singleness. Just check this out:

  • Just consider the money you will be saving by avoiding to buy all those plush toys, flowers and endless heart-shaped useless gifts. Things are being bought just because it is 14th February and you are free and not “obliged” to do it.
  • Singleness is not loneliness – there are around 60 million people in the world that are single on this day every year. Why not consider that as a possibility to find new friends that share your commitment to domestic cleaning for example. Give it a go!
  • Self entertainment is a good option. Regardless of the love in the air you may just do something fun as in fact this is a regular winter day. Celebrate the love for one’s self – go ice skating, or watch an old movie. Bear in mind that in some places of the world this is an International Wine day. Why not choose that to celebrate?
  • Organise a modest family dinner. After Christmas this is the best time to hang out with your parents for a nice supper. Just think about how much better it is as opposed to being stuffed in a crowded night bar of noisy restaurant. You may even go to your mom’s place to help with the window cleaning and have a chat “like the good old days”. Interesting ,huh?!

So it is not about love that we praise on this day – but spending money – don’t you think? And you have the privilege to break free from this Valentine Day’s jail. And just think of all the stuff that has not been sold and will be half priced the next day….

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