How to educate your children – аdvices from Tibet

How to educate your childrenIf you have kids, perhaps you have heard and read lots of tips how to raise them the best possible way. There are various systems and methods and every parent makes his choice. The most important condition for the proper upbringing of the child is: no humiliation and physical punishment! Learn more:

  • First period: till 5 years. Treat your child “like a king”. Don’t forbid him things. Watch the kid carefully. If its activity is dangerous, you may immediately do a scared face and sound that show your fear. The child will understand you perfectly. Remember that this is the time when activity, curiosity and interest in life emerge. At the same time, the child’s brain is not yet capable of complex logical connections.
  • Second period: from 5 to 10 years. Treat your child “as a worker”. Give tasks (such as simple chores from regular domestic cleaning routine) and require from him/her to perform them. In this period  intellect is developing actively. The child must learn to anticipate what will be the reaction of people to his actions. The kids must learn how to provoke a positive attitude towards themselves and how to avoid negative.
  • Third period: from 10 to 15 years. Treat the child “as an equal”. Strive to advise him on various issues, give opportunity and encourage him to decide alone. If you need to impose your views, do it with “silk gloves” – discuss with your child your point of view, give him suitable examples. Only this way you will convince the kid to share your opinion. If you disagree with its intention to do something, do not directly forbid. Playing with the office cleaners, for instance, is not good, because it will interrupt their job. Better direct his attention to the future negative consequences of his actions. During this period the sense of autonomy and independent thinking are developed.
  • Last period: 15 years on. It is extremely important to show respect for the child. Now it is too late to educate.

We are sure that you will do your best to be a diligent and responsible parent. Follow these advices from Tibet and everything will be fine.

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