Orange colour for your home

Orange in home interiorMany people approach skeptically to orange when it comes to home decor, but later realize that this is emotional color with a temperament, that fits perfectly in any room. How to decorate a home in orange? Check out these tips:

  • Orange usually stands back in the ranking of favorite colors, but in symbolic plan it is more attractive, because of the emotional charge that it carries. Orange jets of energy, it makes people smile, it is associated with fun and good mood. It’s preferred for the cold months, because it radiates warmth – not only because it is the color of fire, but because of his relationship with red and yellow, which are its neighbor in the palette.
  • If you choose orange decor for your home, you must firstly specify what shade you will choose. Sometimes orange color is in darker shades (rusty and dark orange), sometimes it is bright and fresh (color tangerine or orange). Pastel tones and coral shades are also popular. Perhaps the end of rental cleaning will be a challenge if you haven’t maintained high level of hygiene in your home in this bright color.
  • It turns out that orange may be combined without problem with many other colors. The most popular is the autumn palette – brown, yellow and orange, which is sometimes complemented by red.
  • One of the positive aspects of the orange is that this color is suitable for the decor of any room at home. It is built equally well in the living room and dining room, bedroom and kid’s room, even in the kitchen and bathroom. In every room orange color has a different effect.
  • Some people choose it as the leading color in the working area, because orange unlocks the imagination and makes people more conceptual and productive. It is also preferred for the living room, because it creates mood and predisposes people to talk. Kitchen in orange is a double-edged sword – on one hand it stands fresh, on the other – it stimulates appetite. You can ask also for the opinion of the oven cleaners.

To harmonize the atmosphere in the room with orange, it is nice to have large windows to allow natural light to soften the impact. Orange color fits perfectly with laminate flooring and tiles in sand tones.


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