Parents hacks – help your child make and keep New Year’s resolutions

Parents hacks - help your child make and keep New Year’s resolutionsDear parents, do you know, that there is a kid-friendly way to celebrate the New Year? Don’t worry – this way doesn’t require sparkling cider or party hats. Just grab a pen and a piece of paper and tell your kid that you will sit together to make some important New Year’s resolutions. It’s a wonderful method to show your child that now it’s time to start fresh and it doesn’t matter what happened before. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Professionals suggest that parents have to limit their kids to just 2 resolutions. The first one may be focused on a problem that stressed the child during the old year — for example, waking up earlier in order to avoid chronic tardiness. The second resolution may have a character-building function. For instance, encouraging your offspring to donate one toy per month to charity.
  • Leave the regular cleaning for a while, because it’s very important to help your descendant to write down the resolutions. Then, the list must be placed in a visible place. The door of the fridge is a good option. This way, the resolutions will be constantly in front of the child’s sight.
  • Transform following through the resolutions into a family activity. For this purpose, you have also to list some resolutions for the adults in the family (not only for the kids). Don’t forget to include some activities that the whole family will complete together. In this line of thinking volunteer work is a good choice.
  • Skipping is not fatal. In case it is a particularly stressful time for your family this year, you may skip making resolutions, just as you often skip the assistance of the steam carpet cleaners. Yes, that’s the better option instead of setting some goals and then putting no effort in pursuing them.

Making New Year’s resolutions together with your child is a wonderful way to communicate and to achieve some positive results. Good luck!

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