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How to choose the appropriate pillowThe pillow is the most important element for a good sleep, more even than the mattress. The correct position of the head during sleep would have saved us so many headaches, literally – stiff neck, distortion and many other ailments can become our concerns much more than uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, if you buy pillows, set your first question:

  • What is my favorite sleep position?

If you sleep on your back, you should not choose too high pillow, because the distance between the head and the back is not very big. Otherwise it will form a large angle at the neck and thus you will wake up stiff. If you sleep sideways, you need a higher cushion, harder to keep the volume of the pillow under your head and between your shoulder. For these two positions you can use anatomical pillows if the whole model is convenient to you. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a low and soft pillow. In this position there is a minimum distance from the head to bed. If you change positions during sleep, perhaps you need a pillow with memory foam. You can ask your spring cleaners for advice, why not?

  • Hard or soft pillow?

If you sleep on a very soft pillow, it quickly changes its shape, and while sleeping you can not adjust it when you change postures. As a result, it will flatten just below your head, and the entire volume will remain past. The firm is not susceptible to adjust for comfort and you’ll feel like sleeping on a concrete slab. The truth is somewhere in between. For many of us the convenient pillow is that pillow on which we slept like children. Other ones, even if they are good for our health, will seem awkward to us. The domestic cleaning specialists will surely agree with this fact.

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