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Why your mother is your hero

Why your mother is your heroGrowing up is accompanied by a vast range of emotions and events and if you don’t have a motivator to hold on to, it may be a nightmare. During all the stages we pass there is one person who will not give up on you no matter what – your mother. She usually is a professional in many fields – domestic cleaning, cooking, giving great advice. She even taught you how to hold a spoon. Being a mother doesn’t mean sugarcoating everything for your kids. Raising children that are inspired to do their best is what actually matters. Still, if they fail, their mother is always there to love them unconditionally. Why your mom is a hero? Because loving and accepting is not always an easy task neither is bringing up a child to be a strong and independent individual. But this is what mothers do – they love us and they inspire us to greatness. Don’t wait until Mother`s Day to tell your mother she is your hero – don`t let her forget that. This article is dedicated to all these incredible women. Thank you! Continue reading

4 lovely gift ideas for Mother’s Day

4 lovely gift ideas for Mother’s DayMother’s Day is so close and kids and husbands have to be prepared with a nice gift in order to express their love and respect to the woman and mother in the family. Read carefully our article and be prepared with several wonderful gift ideas:

  • For the moms who love nice perfumes. Perfumes are the favourite present of many women. It’s not even a surprise, right? Some of us just adore to have a big collection of perfumes and deodorants. They love to use a different fragrance every day. So, make some efforts and gift a special perfume. You can make a little research and by smelling her other perfumes. This way you will have basic information about what type of aroma she prefers – floral, oriental, sweet or light.

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