Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely check

Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely checkIf you have some previous experience with living in a house rental, then you must know how important is to keep the place in the best possible condition. Regular cleaning is obligatory as well as being cautious not do damage anything.

If one day, you decide to move out, you’d better not have any great concerns about returning your deposit. You have to be prepared for that final check-in inventory. Here is what your landlord will likely look at:

  • Furniture – the state of the beds will be checked thoroughly. That includes the bed frame and both sides of the mattresses. In addition, all the drawers and wardrobes must be empty and perfectly clean.
  • Doors and walls – the landlord will check the doors both opened and closed. He or she will be looking for any signs of damp or mould on the walls. The door frames and skirting boards should also be in a good condition. All the shelves, painted areas, surfaces and wallpapers and the ceiling will be examined for any stains or marks.
  • Flooring – your landlord will pay particular attention to the flooring. He or she will notice any spots or holes on the laminate floors or stained ground on the tiles. If there is a carpet, make sure you run carpet cleaning London regularly, so there will not be any serious damages to the rugs in the property.
  • Windows – this includes also blinds, curtains and rails. The windows must be opened and closed easily and properly.
  • Kitchen – make sure that when you leave your tenement, all the white goods work and are perfectly sanitised. The same goes for the worktops, cupboards, grill, hobs and oven. If you are not confident you can disinfect everything in the kitchen (or the house) in the best way possible, then you can always call the end of lease cleaners London.
  • Bathroom – the sinks and the bathtub must drain properly. The landlord will check the taps, the shower, the shower head, the door and the curtains, too. He or she will inspect the toilet – if it is clean and flushes in a proper way.
  • Utilities – all the essentials must work safely – all the lights, bulbs and plugs. Your landlord will probably consult with a professional about the state of the boiler and the radiator.

Well, it is clear that your landlord will be looking from top to bottom while examining the house. Make sure you are a good tenant – keep the home nice and tidy place for living, not only because of the final inventory check, but because of your own comfort!

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