Living room do’s and don’ts

Living room do's and don'ts

No matter if you live on your own or you have kids to look after, the living room is always the messiest place at home. Even if you dedicate the entire afternoon of your day off to cleaning and tidying up, there always seems that something new appears and needs to be taken care of. Well, having an organized home does not necessarily mean to spend too much time in cleaning. Quite the opposite – you have to follow some rules regarding cleaning. Check out the most common mistakes many people do when it comes to living room maintenance:

  • Don’t wait until it is time for the house cleaning London to remove the items that don’t belong to the living room. Once you remove the clutter and every object finds its place, you will see that maintaining the living room is actually not that overwhelming.
  • Make sure the furniture looks presentable. Have you recently polished your wooden furniture? If you have pets, you probably find it difficult to keep any room clean for more than a couple of hours. Yet, you can remedy the situation by regular dusting and vacuuming.
  • If you have to use a glass cleanser, you are advised to spray the substance on a microfiber cloth instead of spraying directly onto the surface.
  • No living room looks cosy without a beautiful carpet. On the other hand, a dirty carpet can ruin all your efforts put in keeping the living room clean. Regular carpet cleaning London are necessary at least once or twice per year. Meanwhile, you should pay considerable attention to the high traffic areas.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the colour you choose for your living room. If you want to create the illusion of having more space, you’d better opt for white and its shades. However, keep it in mind that the darker colours “hide” the dirt and therefore, require less maintenance.

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