7 rules to follow when you mix patterns

7 rules to follow when you mix patternsToday’s fashion style is a lot more different than a few years ago. What was considered trendy is now old-fashioned or even ridiculous. Nowadays’ trends end up to a few equations that will make you a fashion star.

One of them is to learn how to mix patterns and stay modest and cool. Here are some obligatory rules of how to mix them correctly.

  1. Print breaking – It is essential not to make all items of clothes a print item. This means that limiting the amount is always the best choice.
  2. Neutral prints are still prints. Do not exclude them from the outfit plan making. There are perfect for formal wear and will bring in classy style and personal touch. Only if you are not an end of lease cleaning specialist of course.
  3. Never stray from the colour family. Contrast is fun and even risky, but can be overwhelming and even outrageous.
  4. Never combine rivalry patterns. Choosing prints that do not compete with each other is a skill similar to perfect domestic cleaning skills. When choosing, go for smaller plaid and huge floral for example. Stick to the hierarchy – from more to less or vice versa. And do not forget to have not more than two patterns in an outfit.
  5. Matching too much. The very idea of mixing is to mix, not to match. Do not settle for stripes, dots or floral head to toe – break those laws.
  6. If insecure chose subtle mixing – for example polka dot skirt with floral scarf and brightly coloured tee.
  7. Never underestimate texture. Start from plain and simple textures and when you grow confident enough, go bold and dare to experiment. Mix leather with knitted sweater at first and feel the fabrics colliding.

And have fun ladies! This is the best part of  it.

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