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The role of the sunshine for office premises

The role of the sunshine for office premisesWe can’t usually choose our workplace just the way we can’t choose our relatives. Whenever some of us look at the job offers we hardly think about the exact room and position situation. Below are some tips for you as an employer or employee for the importance of sunlight in working premise. Continue reading

Gym behind the office desk

Gym behind the deskEven though life today becomes busier and busier, most people lead sedentary lifestyle. Even though you are always on a rush and you don’t have enough time for anything – especially for hobby or sport – it seems that movements and dynamic are missing in your routine. But life is about the dynamic and the movements, isn’t it? Absolute lack of them is usually due to the typical office job at the desk, which most of you have.

On the other side, scientists have already proved that physical exercise improves working capacity and optimises the work of human brain – especially in the working environment and during working process. Plus – constant ordinary position behind the office desk causes neck pains, cramps in the legs and faster appearance of tiredness. Continue reading

Office cleaning may be effective and fast – how?

Fast and efficient office cleaningOffice cleaning is mandatory for every single office place in the whole world. Actually, this sanitising procedure must be provided by managers and employees should always inhabit neat and tidy working area. You know that it’s hard to be concentrated and productive in messy and filthy space. Every company who insists on great results should maintain impeccable workplaces for its staff.

However, there are some rules, which you can follow in order to keep your office space neat and tidy. If every employee takes a good care for his desk, office places will be organised and constantly maintained in good condition. Check out our tips for fast and effective tidying at work: Continue reading