The positive side of negative thinking

The positive side of negative thinkingOne of the most haunting arguments that draw hundreds of public figures in our heads every day, is the need for positive thinking – always, always and in every case. The solution to every problem seems simple: you can have everything – literally everything in this world, if you think about it enough positively. The main problem in all this is that positive thinking is usually placed in connection with happiness and success. Learn more about that:

  • Many believe that they can mask their true feelings with superficial signs of joy and contentment and to “trick” the world that everything is fine. This world does not believe the simulations, but the facts and the mimicry of positive thinking is often rewarded with serious disappointments.
  • The truth is that negative thinking – if not pathological – can have a positive influence on our lives. Scientists from the University of New South Wales, Australia, have proven this in a series of studies conducted in recent years. They concluded that negative people actually communicate better, think more clearly, make fewer mistakes. They are less prone to naive conclusions and take more effective decisions. Why? Here are five tips on how to pick the best of the negative people in your life and work. Firstly, do not try to change them. Somewhere they hide and positive qualities. Help them to occur.
  • Seek their advice. Perhaps they noticed things that you have missed, especially if you are too optimistic. These may be the spring cleaners or your neighbors, communicate with them.
  • Allow them to express their feelings. Sometimes they just want to be heard. Ideas and solutions may be really valuable.
  • Fill their information gaps. Lack of information causes panicking, so be honest with them about everything.
  • Engage their minds. Give them problems to solve. Consult them when making decisions. You’ll be surprised by the fresh perspective that you will get. Do not get offended of difficult truths you will hear – speaking this way requires courage, and sometimes this is more useful than laudatory odes to which you are accustomed. You have failed in post tenancy cleaning? Just accept the truth and move on!

There is nothing bad to be negative or realistic sometimes. Constant optimism seems fake, right?

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