Attractive and creative Christmas wreaths for your front door

Attractive and creative Christmas wreaths for your front doorLet us be original decorators this year! It’s not at all mandatory for Christmas wreaths to be always made from ordinary evergreens. We have gathered some super original suggestions and we want to encourage you to mix pom-poms, peppermint candies, eucalyptus leaves, lotus pods and other unconventional items. Experiment with shapes, ornaments and dazzling colours! Read more:

  • Small gift boxes may be glued together in a wreath shape – the funny part of Christmas is connected with those colorful ribbons and bows. This original wreath can be made if you purchase an assortment of foil gift-box ornaments and glue them together. Finish your art project with a big green bow and a gift tag.

  • Make your tinsel wreath very amusing by adding pasta ribbons – pasta art will be given a whole new purpose thanks to your DIY project. Start by wrapping a flat wreath form with lovely, silver tinsel festoon. Take some bow tie pasta pieces and paint them in the colour scheme you prefer. After that you have to hot glue the pasta to your wonderful wreath. To finish your invention, tie on a bit of string or ribbon at the top in order to hang. Get a rest from your house cleaning routine and invent this great wreath! You’d love the final result!
  • Christmas wreath may be sprayed with glitter and this way glimmer will be added. Take a plain evergreen wreath and transform it entirely via several additions! Silver glass balls are wonderful idea. Combine them with seeded eucalyptus sprigs. Arrange them in the wreath or just wire them on directly if you wish so. Next step: spray one part of the eucalyptus in blue and the other half in chartreuse. Keep the brocade spray far from your rugs. If some spills occur, call professional carpet cleaning specialists. If you’re keen on an ombre effect, you can create it by settling the glass balls from the largest to the smallest. Finally, hang your magnificent wreath with a stunning, blue ribbon!

See? It’s not at all difficult. Browse the web for more ideas or just let your imagination fly!

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