Come and join the London Vegan Festival

London Vegan FestivalVegan life has been considered as an extremely healthy and green lifestyle. Though, it is not only about consuming meals with no animal ingredients or milk products. The vegan philosophy is an entire journey and once someone enters it, he or she never gives up from its rules and joyful moments. If you are curious about the vegan life or you are a real vegan, come and join the specially tailored event London Vegan Festival! This summer in London will be healthier, greener and more peaceful. Find out more details about this outdoor show right now:

  • The London Vegan Festival is organised by the Campaign Against Leather and Fur (CALF). Being held by national and non-government institutions, the event is all about the healthy vegan food, drinks and way of living in a harmony with nature, your personal body and the spiritual air in life!
  • You can get a ticket and join the London Vegan Festival right now. The entrance is only 2 pounds and kids under 12 enter free of charge. Show your children why meat is bad and teach them how amazing the vegan life could be! Who knows, maybe the lovely atmosphere of the vegan fest will finally lead you to the successful persuasion!
  • The London Vegan Festival will take place in Kensington Town Hall. It starts from 11 am and it is set for 17th August, 2014 year. The crowds of this annual vegan show are usually huge – no matter how odd this sounds to you – so expect lots of followers and delicious vegan food for all of them.
  • This year’s London Vegan Festival program is not disclosed, but since we know the last year experience, we can give you few details. The event will feature live music performances, film screening, lectures over the vegan meal preparation and lifestyle, meditation workshops and even magician entertainments.

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