Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely check

Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely checkIf you have some previous experience with living in a house rental, then you must know how important is to keep the place in the best possible condition. Regular cleaning is obligatory as well as being cautious not do damage anything.

If one day, you decide to move out, you’d better not have any great concerns about returning your deposit. You have to be prepared for that final check-in inventory. Here is what your landlord will likely look at:

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How to unclog a kitchen sink

How to unclog a kitchen sinkBelieve it or not, your kitchen sink is among the dirtiest places at home. No matter if it looks relatively clean, you may rest assured it hosts a colony of dirt and food leftovers. You might not be surprised to know that the majority of homeowners seek plumbing professionals to deal with the clogged kitchen sink. If you cannot afford it to hire a professional plumber or you are enthusiastic about solving the issue on your own, here are some proven tips and tricks you will find really helpful the next time you face that challenge. Continue reading

Indian style in the interior

Indian style in the interiorInterior design in Indian style is becoming very popular nowadays. To achieve this elegant and luxurious look at your home,  there are several things to know. Check out our tips:

  • The rooms in Indian style seem quite friendly – try to achieve that effect with the colorus of the walls, the flooring and the accessories. The walls should not be painted in too bright hues, you’d better pick beige or yellow. The accents can be brighter and richer – use colours such as purple, blue, green.

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When to give up on a stain?

When to give up on a stain?You probably know that feeling of despair you get when you see a huge greasy stain on a favourite piece of clothing, on the carpet or on the floor. Nowadays, the market is oversaturated with various stain removers and detergents said to be effective against all kinds of dirt and stains. However, buying a random cleaning agent and treating the stain is not always the best approach. On the contrary, it can do more harm than good to the fabrics. Sometimes, you just have to give up as regardless of your efforts, the stain seems absolutely impossible to remove. Here are several occasions when you have no other choice but to find a replacement to your clothes or try to hide the stain: Continue reading

Lime – the new trendy colour in the kitchen

Lime - the new trendy colour in the kitchenGreen lemon, lime, bitter lime – call it as you want. That nice colour conquered more and more serious positions not only on catwalks but in the trends for home interior. This fashionable hue would be a good choice for your kitchen, don’t you think? Here is what you need to know about it: Continue reading

Growing vegetables indoors? Why not?

Growing vegetables indoors? Why not?Winter months don’t have to be the end of your vegetable harvesting. You can always continue growing some vegetable indoors. Well, the yield will be a lot smaller than outdoors, but the satisfaction that you’ve managed to grow your own organic veggies is more important. Indoor growing is not that easy and if you want to be more professional, you need HPS lamps, fans, air systems, hydroponics, etc. However, here we are talking about using just the light from the windows and warmth of the house, nothing more. So, here is what you can do. Continue reading

The challenge of cleaning after a huge dog

The challenge of cleaning after a huge dog It is a well-known fact that dogs are people’s best friends. If you are lucky to have a dog, then you must know that they are loving creatures, ready to give you lots of love in return to your care and affection. Having a pet is undoubtedly fun but most dog owners admit that cleaning up the mess that goes hand in hand with sharing a house with a pet is not among the activities they are keen on. Things get even more complicated if you have chosen a giant dog breed, which can be a disaster to your furniture and the household in general. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you remedy the situation: Continue reading

How to paint the walls like a pro

How to paint the walls like a proThe colours of the walls in each room at your home are important. They should make you, your family and guests feel comfortable. If you do not select the appropriate hues, then you are going to need a change after some time. Once you have bought the paint, the real part comes. Take a closer look at our pieces of advice: Continue reading