You definitely need to know these life hacks for Christmas! – Part 2

You definitely need to know these life hacks for Christmas - Part 2Hello again and welcome to our list of smart, Christmas life hacks. So, it’s time to continue the topic about all these interesting life hacks, that will make your Christmas more pleasant and of course, much easier. Read carefully and don’t hesitate to apply these strategies. They are proven to be efficient and easy to be accomplished:

  • Provide yourself special air care. Your Christmas tree is fake, however you’ll be able to still get the pleasure from the scent of a recently cut real tree. Simply take the filter from your chamber and a bottle of pine oil. And bear in mind that a bit of the quantity may last for a very long time. It’s advisable to add 10-20 drops on the backside of the filter, then place it back to position. Keep the essential oil far from your carpet, because professional carpet treatment will be necessary if you spill the bottle down. Open up your air register, then sit back and luxuriate in the tempting piney aroma!
  • Light Saver for your twinkling Christmas lights  - once the season’s over and it is time to take all the Christmas lights down, you recognise that throwing them chaotically in the box simply means that you’ll have serious problems to unplait them next year. We suggest you to use a straightforward electric cord holder instead. Once your lights are already wrapped out, pull the two ends of the cord together and you have guarantee to be tangle free. Moreover – if it’s very hard for you to ensure yourself one of these cord wrappers, you can make one out from a piece of pasteboard. It will also work, there is no problem at all. This life hack will teach you to be handy which will definitely help you for your future tenancy cleaning procedure.
  • Paper Keeper – do you want to preserve your rolls of festive wrapping paper? OK, here is how to prepare a useful paper keeper from kitchen foil and toilet tube. Just cut the foil in the form of square. Imagine a couple of inches longer than a regular toilet paper tube. Next stage is to accomplish a cut down the side of the toilet tube, so you can wrap the foil around the outside, and fold the edges inward to hold it in place. Press your foil in the ends, and it’s great that you already have a lovely decorative clasp. This convenient clasp will clamp around your tube, and hold your wrapping paper tight. Ready! Your decorative wrap paper will be kept flawless for another year.

Are you going to try some of these strategies? Share your opinion afterwards!

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