Check out how the world’s biggest monuments are sanitised!

Check out how the world's biggest monuments are sanitised!You clean your sweet home on regular basis, right? You perform vacuum cleaning, dusting, polishing the surfaces….the list is so long. Every element of your home decor needs attention and efficient cleaning. It’s normal and everybody is used to all those tedious housekeeping chores. But what about world’s biggest monuments? Have you ever imagined how they are disinfected? They also gather filth and dust – there is no doubt about that. Read the information below and understand how some huge and famous monuments are sanitised. Actually, it’s a dirty job, but there is no other way, someone must do it. Thanks to high-powered tools and some dangerous daredevil movements Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and many others looking spiffy. Learn how:   

  • Big Ben

CLEANED: Once per every five years. Specialists scale the 316-foot-tall clock to wipe and disinfect its four timepieces. Every single timepiece contains 312 elements of opal glass. And the best part is that time doesn’t stop. Actually, the next scheduled sanitising procedure of Big Ben is in 2016.

  • Statue of Liberty

CLEANED: The exterior of this monumenthasn’t been cleaned in years because infrequent sanitising helps for its preservation. The inside part gets scrubbed often. For this reason the statue developed “birthmarks”. It happened that this acidic solution leaked through the inside wall and stained her cheek in 1986. Such occasional bad accidents may even occur when the local end of tenancy cleaners arrive in your rented property. So, you’d better watch out!

  • Eiffel TowerHow the world's biggest monuments are sanitised

CLEANED: Annually. Do you know that it takes 10,000 dosage of cleaning agent, four tons of sanitising rags, and 25,000 rubbish bags to polish and scrub this awesome Parisian memorability.

  • Acropolis Hill Sculptures

CLEANED: This monument is disinfected on daily basis, just like some housekeepers perform  carpet cleaning at home. After testing and trying 40 techniques, finally in 2008, specialists defined the winning method. It includes a combination of ultraviolet rays and infrared lasers. However, the cleaning can be a hazardous job, so technicians wear goggles and work with the lasers only two hours per day.

So, what do you think? Your regular domestic cleaning chores seem like a childish game now, don’t they?!

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