5 gross pet problems and how to solve them

5 gross pet problems and how to solve themWe love our furry friends. They keep our hearts warm and never complain about anything. However, we shouldn’t forget that they are above all animals and sometimes they can make a lot of mess. But don’t worry about it because here are the solutions to some of the most common pet problems.

  • Smelly litter box. The litter box is the place where your pet does its business and maintaining it in clean condition is crucial. Your pet poop can carry viruses, bacteria and even parasites, plus it smells unpleasant. The solution is to scoop the litter box out on a daily basis and soap wash the container with warm water every couple of weeks. Remove the sand and rinse the box with warm water and antibacterial soap. This way your pet won’t carry out bacteria all over. You may also need professional carpet cleaning London every 6 months as sometimes the sand from the litter box is really difficult to remove.
  • Fur-covered furniture and carpet. The easiest way to deal with this problem is by using a rubber squeegee. Just rub over the carpet or rug to make hairs into little piles that you can dispose. For your upholstery, you can use the same method, but instead of a squeegee, you can use a rubber glove. Ask your London domestic cleaners about how they would deal with the pet hair problem.
  • Unidentified urine smell. There is a urine stink, but you can’t find the source? Well, use a black light to illuminate the stain. Once you find the source, clean with soap and warm water solution.
  • Stinky dog bed. Well, if the dog bed smells bad, then your dog needs a trip to the bathroom. Make sure you clean the dog bed the same day you wash your dog.
  • Dirty pet toys and food bowls. Make sure you clean your pet’s toys and food bowl at least once a week to reduce the bacteria and the risk of diseases.

Once you get used to these five routines your pets will be a lot happier and the odor will be significantly reduced.

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