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Window Cleaning

Lombard Street window cleaning may be defined as a household task for advanced housewives. In fact, even for them, Lombard Street window cleaning is risky because of the various hard- to-reach spots. Lombard Street window cleaners know that some of you have already put up with the dusty windows in your houses in EC3 Lombard Street. Others still agonize themselves with big ladders and poisonous cleansers. Stop that! Quit these old Lombard Street window cleaning techniques and entrust all in the good hands of our professional Lombard Street window cleaners! Who are our insured Lombard Street window cleaners and why do you have to count on our assistance? House Cleaning London Ltd. is an expert Lombard Street window cleaning company which delivers high-quality cleaning services in EC3 Lombard Street. And Lombard Street window cleaners are happy to deliver you our professional Lombard Street window cleaning. No more wiping and no more doubting which Lombard Street window cleaning cleanser to purchase - just crystal clear windows inside and outside, due to our skillful Lombard Street window cleaners.

Dial 020 3455 5999 or fill in the free of charge contact form to demand our convenient Lombard Street window cleaning session in EC3 area! Nothing is easier than contacting our Lombard Street window cleaners and talking to our professional customer assistants. You’ll get all the responses of your Lombard Street window cleaning questions, just by staying on your couch.

Don’t leave your dreams for spotless windows, which let the sunshine into your sweet house! Your desire is completely achievable only if you believe in our Lombard Street window cleaners. And Lombard Street window cleaners are aware that your excellence will lead you at House Cleaning London Ltd. in EC3 area. Our excellence and diligence will bring you all these attractive Lombard Street window cleaning benefits:

  • Inside Lombard Street window wiping - executed by hand
  • Outside Lombard Street window cleaning - managed and controlled via our modern Reach and Wash Ionic system. This water-fed pole machinery is equipped with super long Lombard Street window cleaning pole which reaches up to 65 ft or about 6th floor height.
  • The Lombard Street window cleaning machinery uses only cleansed, softened and de-ionized on several phases water, which has won the possibility to attract dirtiness .
  • Our Lombard Street window cleaning specialists need only a parking lot for the specific van which brings the Lombard Street window cleaning tools. If you can’t deliver it, we are ready to manage that in exchange of a little tax.
  • The Lombard Street window cleaning service is executed from the security of the earth thanks to telescopic hoses and extensions that are located in the special van.
  • Our Lombard Street window cleaning specialists are trained, experienced and motivated , so make sure, that you’ll get high-standard customer service!
  • No matter the kind of the windows (double windows, sash windows, bay windows, french windows) the final outcome will be marvellous, due to our expert Lombard Street window cleaners.

Once you order our flexible Lombard Street window cleaning session, you’ll fall in love with your crystal clean windows. Our staff of Lombard Street window cleaners will arrive to you right away, because Lombard Street window cleaners are accessible here in EC3 area. Costs of our Lombard Street window cleaning services are so low and reasonably , so every householder in EC3 Lombard Street can afford our convenient Lombard Street window cleaning services.

Call Lombard Street window cleaners instantly on 020 3455 5999 and grab yourself a free quotation!

Windows Cleaning Prices

  • Outside Window Cleaning - £7 per standard size double window.
  • Inside Window Cleaning - £4 per standard size double window.

Minimum charge applies. You can visit our prices page for more information.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

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Lily, Clapham

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