Last Minute Cleaning

There is hardly a person who hasn't felt embarrassed and guilty when some unexpected guests suddenly knock on the front door. What's the reason? The mess, of course. Sometimes, you are pressed by the circumstances and you haven’t time to prepare your house for a surprising visit. You perfectly understand that your living area needs tidying and sanitising, but you are pretty sure that you won’t succeed in doing it.

Last Minute Cleaning

Don't panic and don't despair, because House Cleaning London Ltd. will give you a helping hand. We provide professional last minute cleaning, which is designed to save people in case of emergency. Sometimes it’s not possible to arrange everything in advance. In these stressful moments, when the necessity of flawless cleanliness is urgent, our experienced company is the best choice you can make.

Forget about the feverish scrubbing in a hurry and the superficial hoovering in the last second! From now on, you are not obliged to predict and to organise the professional disinfecting performance a week in advance. There will be no more confusing moments when a friend of yours comes out of the blue.

Take advantage of our reliable last minute cleaning, because it's a convenient service, guaranteed to be performed within 48 hours from the moment you request it. Trust us and our trained experts will save the situation in case of emergency!

Despite the increased costs by 50%, the awesome results are definitely worth it. Keep in mind, that our experienced team has just 48 hours to react! House Cleaning London Ltd. is always there for you to help you to avoid stress and embarrassment.

Just call us on 020 3455 5999 for last minute cleaning and respire with relief! Your reputation is not endangered. Quite the opposite - your guests will be charmed by the flawless hygiene of your sweet home!

Remember, that our reliable service is available throughout Greater London and our rates are affordable and competitive. When time presses you, don't lose patience, but profit from our professional help! It will bring you all these stacked benefits:

Last Minute Cleaning
  • Top-to-bottom tidying of the entire house or just in specific areas
  • Determine the duration of the cleaning session according to your preferences!
  • Our experts can use your supplies and equipment or the procedure may be done with our Eco-friendly and high-quality detergents in exchange of a small fee.
  • Degreasing of burnt-on and stained kitchen appliances; removing any unwanted household garbage; comprehensive sanitising and disinfecting of your high-risk premises - bathrooms and toilets; polishing of all surfaces; cleaning the windows from the inside; refreshing the upholstery

In addition to all these general household tasks, our trained and vetted personnel will comply with all your personal demandings. Keep in mind, that our reliable company insists on the close collaboration with our customers, because partnership is built on proficiency, respect and accuracy.

Our polite representatives are always ready to assist you, so ask about everything you need to know! Don't forget, that when the impeccable hygiene is a pressing necessity, your savior is House Cleaning London Ltd.!

Contact us on 020 3455 5999, say the magic password "last minute cleaning" and relax!

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