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Spring cleaning done right

Spring is already here. The sun is shining vividly in the sky and the flowers in every yard in KT3 Old Malden are blossoming. But deep inside you there is a sense that spoils your spring and shiny mood. It takes away your peace and makes you a little bit nervous . What is it? Of course the horror of the upcoming huge Old Malden spring cleaning! Over the years Old Malden spring cleaning has been transformed in an annual ritual for almost any housekeeper all over the world.

Old Malden spring cleaning is naturally a really time-consuming process, that takes a lot of power and time and let’s confess it – almost everybody practically hates it. Imagine yourself in the occasion when instead of going on a long stroll in the park of KT3 area and instead of admiring the great weather, you must wipe the windows or mop the floor /in other words accomplish Old Malden spring cleaning/. And you never select the proper Old Malden spring cleaning agent. And you never have the time to sanitise every filthy detail. And you are never entirely happy with the final Old Malden spring cleaning outcomes. Too much “never”, don’t you think?

You are hesitating what to do – you cannot afford to leave your dwelling in KT3 Old Malden filthy, dusty, with spots almost everywhere, can you? So, a lot of issues appearing?!

And only a single call on 020 3455 5999 can resolve them all. Remember this number, because our expert Old Malden spring cleaning company is only a phone call away, here in KT3 area. Connect with our trained Old Malden spring cleaners now and select the best quality and the highest level of the cleaning sessions !

If it looks a little bit unclear to you, read why you have to select our Old Malden spring cleaning company! The benefits of our Old Malden spring cleaning below will surely show you the proper path:

  • You receive comprehensive, high-tech Old Malden spring cleaning of all the premises in your house from top to bottom - we sanitise even the kitchen devices and the bathroom fixtures. Your 100% content of our work is ensured .
  • Our procedures in KT3 Old Malden are executed by the greatest Old Malden spring cleaning specialists. The employees of House Cleaning London are trained , super careful and diligent.
  • Most people claim that hiring a reliable Old Malden spring cleaning company is beyond their wallet . Completely untrue! With us, you are promised affordable and entirely fair costs .
  • We deliver our own Old Malden spring cleaning tools and cleansers, keeping up with the new and modern technology. Our trained Old Malden spring cleaners apply wide diversity of highly effective systems and techniques, according to what surface or fabric is being cleaned.
  • Unlike many other Old Malden spring cleaning companies in the sanitising business – we do not apply toxic and chemical cleansers that can hazard your health and cause unpredictable consequences.

Call our certified Old Malden spring cleaners now on 020 3455 5999 and customise your sanitising package! Make it entirely compatible with your necessities and wishes ! You can combine various services for greater discounts. Feel free to provide your own Old Malden spring cleaning demandings or even to make a sanitising checklist! Have in mind, that you are allowed to participate in the Old Malden spring cleaning procedure with any type of recommendations.

You tell us what you wish, House Cleaning London provides you even more! And Old Malden spring cleaning is not difficult anymore. All you have to undertake is to believe our trained Old Malden spring cleaners and to admire the beauty and the spring freshness of your lovely dwelling in KT3 Old Malden.

Spring Cleaning Prices

  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents, minimum four hours of cleaning
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents, minimum six hours of cleaning.

We work every week day, even over the weekend! Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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Our happy customers say ...

"The flat I had to move in looked so dirty that I couldn't imagine living there. I booked you and you provided a professional clean to such a high level that I was amazed - everything was so clean and there was a smell of freshness all around the place!"
Victoria, Brockley

"I called for window cleaning. My conservatory is a little bit unusual shaped, but the cleaners did a great job. All that noticeable dirt is gone and my view is clear again. Thank you."
Adam R.

"I am so happy that I found a company using natural products to clean homes. I feel comfortable and safe for my children."
Lily, Clapham

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