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3M Scotchgard protector

Frequent and regular cleaning maintains neat your rugs and upholstery at home. Efficient cleaning methods and homemade recipes for sanitising detergent that do not ruin the materials and the decorative textiles are also a wonderful idea for your super fresh carpet and beautiful upholstery. However, these usual household tasks are not always enough, so Battersea Scotchgard Protector is created. To be fair with you, there is an simpler way to keep your carpets and upholstery from awful stains, common grease, and the cheeky dust.

Welcome Battersea Scotchgard Protector – your individual brand new mate in housekeeping and the brand new procedure that is reachable for the decent and tidy houses from the SW8 Battersea area. House Cleaning London are contented to present you the common tool for Carpet and Upholstery stain defense - Battersea Scotchgard Protector. Scotchgard Protector is an extra sanitising tool. It comes in a shape of an application that is installed on a new or at least flawlessly well disinfected carpet or upholstery. The Battersea Scotchgard Protector forms an extra defensive coating for the fabric. This coating is a general defense from constant filth, bad odor, and filth. Just put Battersea Scotchgard Protector on your rug and it will be saved from filth for 12 months!

Reach us on 020 3455 5999 and order Battersea Scotchgard Protector right away! You will be visited in your own home in SW8 Battersea district and you will be told how to utilise the magic Scotchgard Protector. If you are still doubting, read why you should book it:

  • Battersea Scotchgard Protector corresponds to any type of rugs or upholstery!
  • Battersea Scotchgard Protector can be excellently united with our Cleaning Carpet Service for extra double result!
  • Battersea Scotchgard Protector defends your entire floor covering and furniture tops!
  • Battersea Scotchgard Protector is very comfortable for homes with small children and pets!
  • Battersea Scotchgard Protector eliminates the stains before they soak into the carpet!

If you are now sure in the magic effect of the Scotchgard Protector, see the Scotchgard Protector in SW8 Battersea Prices. To have certainty, plan ahead! To have clean carpets and upholstery, ensure yourself the Scotchgard Protector application!

Scotchgard Protector Prices:

The price for Scotchgard application on a single carpet is equal to the price for the cleaning of that carpet. In this case, the method /steam or dry cleaning/ and the size of the rug or the carpet matter.

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