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Curtains and Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning household chores are universal techniques for house reviving and for creation of pleasant home environment. Perfect results and ideal completion of domestic cleaning operations are accessible with consistency and accuracy. Meanwhile, paying attention on the little details will provide you 100% success in cleaning. For this reason, cleaning the curtains and the mattresses at home is actually a great, but not a small or rare job to do. House Cleaning London offers you this special Curtains and Mattress Cleaning service. It may be combined with other option from our full pack of convenient services - Window Cleaning, One off Cleaning or any other. Curtains and Mattress Cleaning is now available for the entire St Mary Cray BR5 area. Call us on 020 3455 5999 and request one of our cleaning teams. You can choose only Curtains or only Mattresses Cleaning in St Mary Cray BR5. You can also arrange a double pack of cleaning hours and let us clean all of your home curtains and mattresses. The more you want, the more we are ready to give and provide you. Get a free quote and contact us, if you have questions for the Curtains and Mattress Cleaning service in St Mary Cray BR5. Last, but not least, you should also know that you will get an additional gift from us – super strong sanitizing procedure. It will kill of the microbes or unpleasant and unwished "guests" from you bed.

  • Dry and Steam Cleaning are available. Steam Cleaning is commonly preferred, because this type of cleaning technique is deeper and more suitable for harsh stains and grease.
  • 120 °C and higher is the temperature of the Steam Cleaning Machine – dust mites dies on 105 °C, so you may be sure that our cleaning equipment will kill them all!
  • Full disinfection of the Mattresses
  • Dry Cleaning for delicate Curtains
  • Non-toxic and Eco-friendly cleaning detergents are used - no harmful ingredients will endanger your living area.

Check out the St Mary Cray BR5 Curtains and Mattress Cleaning prices. The details matter - do not leave the evil dirtiness in home details such as the mattresses and the curtains!

Curtains and Mattress Steam Cleaning Prices

  • Mattress
  • Pair of short curtains
  • Pair of long curtains
  • £20.00
  • £20.00
  • £25.00

* Minimum charge applies.

Curtains and Mattress Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Mattress
  • Pair of short curtains
  • Pair of long curtains
  • £40.00
  • £40.00
  • £50.00

Minimum charge applies. You can visit Our prices page for more information.

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"My apartment has never been so clean and shiny as it is after the wonderful job your team has done! "
Richard, Kingston

"My sister convinced me to use professional cleaning services. I didn't like the idea at first, but I gave it a try. Now I can't live without my maid. She's helping me so much doing all the chores, and I have so much free time."
Susan C.

"Always professional and paying attention to details! Thank you for your services! "
Neil, Battersea