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When you were in the store to choose a new carpet, you were really excited. You were amusing yourself while you were trying to select the most appropriate rug for your home interior and for your family budget. And you got it! You bought an incredible carpet which perfectly suits your living area. Soon after that, you found that hoovering is not enough to provide the perfect maintenance and high level of hygiene. Then your excitement vanished into the void. Wait a second? It’s still your favourite carpet, which you bought with so much pleasure! House Cleaning London Ltd. is here in Tattenham Corner KT18 to help you to solve this annoying problem. How? By performing professional steam or dry carpet cleaning depending on the fabric.

Carpet Cleaning special offer:

Carpet cleaning special offer

(only general cleaning: dusting, hoovering, or cleaning of 1 bathroom, or the kitchen (no oven/fridge,cupboards inside)

Contact us on 020 3455 5999 and request our convenient service! This is the best choice you could make for your stained and shabby carpets and rugs!

Don’t blame the carpet material or the vacuum-cleaner! You have to be aware of the fact that as the time goes by, dirt and bacteria enter deep into the fibres and stay there despite your thorough hoovering. The only way to enjoy fresh and sanitised carpets is to perform professional steam or dry cleaning every once in a while. And the best part is, that you have the biggest specialists to rely on, so close to you, here in Tattenham Corner KT18. Our experts will come in your lovely house with their efficient equipment and strong cleaning detergents. They will apply two different techniques according to the fabric of your carpets and rugs:

  • Steam cleaning - the manufactured fabrics such as synthetics are treated through this method. It combines the action of hot water extraction and strong detergent. The efficient mixture is injected into the material under high pressure. Thus the dirt is loosened and the microbes are eliminated. Microbes are very resistant, but the extremely high temperature which turns the water into steam doesn’t leave them any chance to survive. The stubborn stains are fought either and the carpet dries up in several hours. Grime has no place in your home, not even in Tattenham Corner.
  • Dry cleaning - this technique is designed for water-sensitive fabrics. They may be easily damaged by the moisture, so experts apply on them only a biodegradable, absorbent cleaning compound. The special substance, which is similar to bran, is evenly spread over the carpet. It’s magical power comes from the strong chemical reaction it provokes. Thanks to this characteristic, materials like sea grass, jute, sisal, ramie and coir are left flawlessly clean and sanitised, without any risk of damage. Some of your neighbours in Tattenham Corner KT18 have already tried this incredible technique and they got amazing results! Follow their winning model!

Just grab the phone and call us on 020 3455 5999! Take advantage of our high-quality service in Tattenham Corner and surprise your family and your guests with impeccable carpets and rugs! Make sure they will fall in love in these saturated colors, freshness and flawless cleanliness. Moreover - the fabrics will be deeply sanitised and your little kids can play there without danger of bacteria and dirt particles. For your convenience, all procedures are performed on site, in your property in Tattenham Corner KT18. The prices are not a problem, because they are cheap and competitive.

As a stunning final of these smashing techniques, our experts can apply a special protective layer on your already thoroughly cleaned carpets and rugs. It’s commonly known as Scotchgard Protector.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet
  • A large rug/carpet
  • £15.00
  • £26.00

* Minimum charge applies.

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet
  • A large rug/carpet
  • £22.00
  • £39.00

*Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

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Our happy customers say ...

"Many thanks, my sofa looks so much better now! I will be using you again."
Michelle, Forest Hill

"Thank you for the carpet cleaning you provided me with. Carpets look great now! I look forward to use your company again."
Mandyl, Chelsea

"Your cleaner did a great job although my hoover let me down. I am so happy to have her as my regular cleaner."
Amy, Camden town