How to disinfect your suede sofa

How to disinfect your suede sofaSuede is a wonderful upholstery material, which gives the room luxurious and cosy appearance. Many people, however, avoid it, because of its reputation for being hard to maintain. Sanitising a suede sofa doesn’t need to be so difficult. There are some basics you need to know about and everything is going to be fine. Continue reading

How to move out faster – tips

How to move out faster – tipsMoving out is a stressful thing to do – you all know that. That is why the faster you move out of your flat, the earlier you will feel relieved and satisfied. What is more, sometimes you may have objective reasons to do it quickly. If you really have limited time for removal, then you should take a look at our tips: Continue reading

Reduce the risk of allergies and sickness with these hacks

Reduce the risk of allergies and sickness with these hacksEvery day we spend more than 85 percent of our time indoors, constantly attacked by infections and allergies, such as dust, insect debris, bacteria and molds. These microbes and dirtiness harm our health, there is no doubt about that. Here’s how you can reduce attacks of allergies and asthma following some simple tips for home cleaning. Continue reading

Want an environmentally Sound flooring Option? Choose cork flooring!

Want an environmentally Sound flooring Option
Today, we have so many different flooring options that making an informed decision can sometimes be a really challenging mission. If you are about to start a home renovation project and you are not sure as to whether laminate, marble, vinyl, hardwood, timber or cork would be the most suitable flooring material, keep reading and get familiar with the advantages of choosing cork over the other types of flooring: Continue reading

How to Remove Bathroom Mould and Mildew

How to Remove Bathroom Mould and MildewBathroom is one of the most difficult places to clean as there are so many things to take care of. And the worst of all is that the place looks like you haven’t cleaned it in just one or two days. Disinfecting the bathtub and the tiles is not enough for keeping the bathroom clean, especially if you have to deal with mould or mildew. Surprising or not, they inhabit humid, warm areas, so your bathroom is the perfect habitat. Poor lighting or bad air circulation make matters even worse. However, you can take actions and get rid of them once and for good: Continue reading

Replace commercial detergents with these 3 green cleaning recipes!

Replace commercial detergents with these 3 green cleaning recipes!If you think, that it’s about time to change your cleaning style, this article is exactly what you need. Why don’t you throw the chemical commercial detergents in the garbage and go green? The benefits from this choice will be numerous. First of all, you will protect yourself from allergies, skin rash and breathing toxic fumes. You will also contribute for saving the environment and last, but not least you will save some cash. So, replace the toxic cleansers with these green recipes. Check them out now: Continue reading

3 popular types of dishwasher detergents – check them out!

3 popular types of dishwasher detergentsAre you looking for a dishwasher detergent that makes kitchenware sparkle of cleanliness? What factor do you consider the most- price or quality? Are you a bit confused of the variety of products offered on the market? Then you need a brief review of the most popular types of dishwasher detergent, so you can choose the best and the most cost-effective cleaning solution for you. Check them out below. Continue reading