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Moving out cleaning – basic rules

End of tenancy cleaningTenancy life gives you the possibility to inhabit lovely and comfy domestic environment without owning the property. At some point, this is a real privilege, because you are not obliged to undertake grand repairs and you don’t concern about public taxes. Actually, you know that nothing comes only with pure profits. There are some duties and important responsibilities as well.

The biggest challenge for most lessees is the comprehensive end of lease cleaning, included in the rental agreement. It’s completely reasonable form the part of your landlord to demand final thorough sanitising. Thus the property will be ready to attract the next tenants. If you’re lease contract is about to end and you intend to change your lodgings, check out these general tips, that will be helpful for you: Continue reading

Office cleaning may be effective and fast – how?

Fast and efficient office cleaningOffice cleaning is mandatory for every single office place in the whole world. Actually, this sanitising procedure must be provided by managers and employees should always inhabit neat and tidy working area. You know that it’s hard to be concentrated and productive in messy and filthy space. Every company who insists on great results should maintain impeccable workplaces for its staff.

However, there are some rules, which you can follow in order to keep your office space neat and tidy. If every employee takes a good care for his desk, office places will be organised and constantly maintained in good condition. Check out our tips for fast and effective tidying at work: Continue reading

Hidden dirt removal during spring cleaning

Easy spring cleaningIs there anybody who doesn’t adore spring season? The rebirth of Mother nature, the birds singing, the fresh air outside and the incomparable green colour of grass. All that beauty and freshness blossoms in the beginning of spring. We, people who have inhabited dusty living areas all the winter season, start to notice all the dirty areas in each and every corner of our dwellings.

With the first spring rays of the sun, we realise that thorough sanitising is required if we insist on improving our domestic environment. That is how we understand that the time for the spring cleaning has come. There are some tips that make it easier to do the spring sanitising.
Our pieces of advice concern the hidden amount of dirtiness. Check them out: Continue reading

Baking soda – the king of natural cleansers

Cleaning with baking sodaAll housekeepers have heard about green cleaning methods. Maybe you are also interested how to sanitise your living area without using toxic cleansers from the store. But is it possible to manage without these strong chemical detergents and meanwhile to achieve stunning final results?

Actually the answer of this question that popped up in your head is located in your kitchen drawer and it’s very simple – baking soda. Yes, exactly baking soda may be determined as the “king” of natural green cleansers. Continue reading