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Oven Steam Cleaning

How do you find your oven condition? Is it sparkling clean or it’s covered with food deposits, grease and burnt-on carbon? Don’t be ashamed if its moment state is disastrous! You’re not alone. Oven is maybe the most frequently used kitchen appliance in your home in Clapham South. You cook every day and little accidents always occur. Whether you’ll boil over your chicken soup or you won’t be very attentive while you’re frying some vegetables, the result is nearly the same. Moreover - if you’re used to postpone the scrubbing and to leave the oven just like that for weeks - then you definitely have a problem. Except the ugly picture, the grease and the burnt-on carbon gather dust and microbes. The more you delay the deep cleaning, the more difficult it becomes to deal with the situation. Now what?

The solution is simple: professional oven steam cleaning, provided by House Cleaning London Ltd. Our team, which is located here in Clapham South SW12 will visit your lovely home to perform this efficient procedure.

Give us a call on 020 3455 5999! We know that you’re sick and tired of your greasy oven, covered with burnt food residues. Our steam cleaning in Clapham South SW12 is a strong and effective method, so entrust us your stained kitchen appliance and dedicate your time to more pleasant activities!

Join the club of the perfect housekeepers and boast with your impeccable oven! Make sure, that even the more experienced and the more passionate housewives will envy you. Be benevolent and friendly and reveal them your little secret! Learn more about all the profits, you’re guaranteed to receive, if you rely on our help in Clapham South SW12:

  • Our trained experts apply a special non-toxic method: steam cleaning. Thanks to the steam power, all the grease and grime are completely removed. This incredible system successfully fights all the greasy and dirty laminations.
  • For better results, the technique, mentioned up above is combined with scrubbing on hand with eco-friendly detergents. Our efforts have no limits, the mission must be accomplished by all means.
  • Burnt-on carbon, food deposits, grease, bacteria - all that will stay in the past. Your favourite oven will be perfectly cleaned inside and outside.
  • All the methods and cleaning products, which are applied by our experts, are 100% safe for your family, including children, pets and allergy sufferers. Your health and safety are always at first place for us. Bear in mind, that during the whole procedure no fumes are created. Thus you’re protected from breathing toxic exhalations.

Call 020 3455 5999 to book our special offer:

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* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Don’t forget that a stained and greasy oven will spoil the beautiful picture of your neat and cosy kitchen area! All experts recommend the professional steam cleaning as the deepest, the safest and the most effective technique. Every time when you find your oven too dirty, take advantage of our convenient service! Make sure that our offer is the most profitable in all Clapham South and the entire SW12 area! If you trust us, you’ll get the highest quality at reasonable and affordable prices.

Stop wasting money on toxic detergents with doubtful characteristics! Act like a rational and responsible housekeeper and rely on our help! That’s the only way to enjoy flawlessly cleaned oven in your sweet home in Clapham South SW12.

You know our coordinates! Contact us on 020 3455 5999 or use our free of charge contact form to request our reliable service! You can also enjoy a nice chat with our polite and friendly representatives! The choice is yours! The results, achieved by our staff, are always stunning.

Oven Steam Cleaning Prices

  • Prices start from £29 per single oven. Minimum charge applies.

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"I've had a cleaner with many companies. This is the one you can really trust!"
Martha, Bromley

"I would just like to say how fantastic your cleaning service is, it is making our lives much easier and is saving us a lot of money on deposits!"
Jerry, Balham

"I'd like to thank you and your cleaning team for the wonderful job you've done yesterday! "
Lisa, Clapham