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Oven Steam Cleaning

What is the most boring part of cleaning your kitchen? Not wiping the floor, not even polishing the kitchen worktops, but the cleaning of all the kitchen appliances and gadgets. The refrigerator, the coffee machine, the oven. Which of these appliances is your “favorite” to clean?

It is an undisputable fact that any housewife in Rose Hill practically detests cleaning the kitchen oven. It is one of the most used kitchen appliances and during the preparation of your favorite meals, it gets so dirty and greasy that you start wondering - is it possible to clean it at all. Don’t forget the fact that the cleaning process of your oven usually takes a lot of efforts, time and scrubbing and if you don’t use the proper products the final results are really disappointing. The grease residues and burnt-on carbon still stay.

Are you feeling discouraged yet? Well, don’t feel! House Cleaning London in Rose Hill SM5 has the perfect solution of your problem - professional Oven Steam Cleaning! So now you are free to cook and to experiment with different recipes without any worries who will clean the mess after your cook show. Just pick up the phone and give us a call on 020 3455 5999! Our professional teams will visit your lovely home in Rose Hill! You will fall in love with their friendly behavior and high professionalism in performing the service. You will be really astonished by the results of their hard work – there will be no trace of dirt or filth! Your oven will shine of cleanliness. Say “No” to the microbes and burnt-on fats – call us on 020 3455 5999!

The Oven Steam Cleaning is a service available in the whole area of Rose Hill SM5. Our mission is to make our clients happy and fully satisfied with the provided services, that’s why we offer fair prices, fully responding with the high quality of the cleaning process. Generally, it goes that way:

Call 020 3455 5999 to book our special offer:

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  • Using special steam cleaning system - it is the first and most important step to a perfectly cleaned oven. The steam is the strongest fighter in the struggle with the grime and the fats. It removes them so easily!
  • Applying cleaning detergents - we use only non-toxic, but highly efficient “green” products. Our company policy is strongly related to the idea for Sustainable Development and providing healthy home environment to our clients in Rose Hill. That’s why there’s no need to worry about any consequences that may endanger your health.
  • General Oven Cleaning – our cleaners “double-treat” the oven with entirely safe detergents for best results and perfect satisfaction of our clients’ needs.
  • Wiping and Drying - for complete excellence we finish the process with applying these two techniques. They help in maintaining your oven clean longer.

If you still hesitate – why don’t you call our polite customer representatives on 020 3455 5999 and have a friendly chat with them? They have all the information you may need and they are really eager to communicate with our clients. Because we put the client first!

Oven Cleaning Prices

  • Prices start from £29 per single oven. Minimum charge applies.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

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Our happy customers say ...

"The whole experience was great! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so good."
Laura, St John's Wood

"We just wanted to thank you again for the work you did. Your work on the blinds and sink alone were amazing."
Gloria, Dulwich

"My windows never been that clean! I will book you for once a month clean of my windows."
Sonia, Highgate