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One Off Cleaning

If you think that transfiguring your messy and dusty house into a spick and span living area is impossible, then you have never met House Cleaning London Ltd. Let us present you our reliable one off cleaning service, available in the entire TW2 district! This professional approach into hygiene restoration with natural beautifying process suits to any situation or occasion. Whether you want a fast tidying and freshening up for a big occasion or you just feel that your property needs some seasonal refreshment, you will have it!

One off cleaning special offer:

One off cleaning special offer One off cleaning special offer

Just call us on 020 3455 5999 and we will give you all the answers! One of the keys to the successful residential sanitising provided by House Cleaning London Ltd. is the gentle personal approach and the close collaboration with clients. Our customers lead us, when the cleaning schedule is made. You are the people, who name the goal and the mission. And our expert teams execute strictly and correctly. By adding their professional experience and high-tech equipment of modern machines and efficient non-toxic detergents, your house becomes shiny and welcoming again! Everything that needs to be scrubbed off in your living area will soon dazzle! And you don’t even have to move from your soft coach or to go back earlier from work!

Live in healthy and safe domestic environment and chase away the mess!

Feel free to name your demands and to give us full instructions on how to make your cosy space neat and tidy. If you are a total dummy in household maintenance, calmly rely on us and our general checklist for comprehensive one off cleaning in Strawberry Hill. Read the next rows and prepare for your stunning dwelling:

  • Polishing the furniture and using dry or steam cleaning for upholstery and carpet, if it they are necessary.
  • Stain removal, dusting and airing the premises.
  • Full disinfection and deep sanitising in bathroom and cooking area including degreasing and descaling.
  • Attentive approach into details – wiping the door handles, windows from the inside, worktops and hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Getting rid of bacteria on floors, stairs, different surfaces and high traffic areas.
  • Scrubbing and mopping; vacuuming and washing.

The deepest hygiene restoration may be achieved easily and quickly!

Feel free to arrange your one off sanitising in Strawberry Hill according to your own plans, schedule and resources. You can book as many hours as it takes for your house to be brilliant and comfortable again – the minimum is 4 hours. You can ask for an overall home restoration or you can have a single room only sterilised and neat again. You can give us your own equipment and cleansers, or we can provide our professional products at low fee. Flexible and universal, when it comes to home snugness and convenience, our thorough one off cleaning service in TW2 area is also affordable and budget-friendly.

Contact us on 020 3455 5999 or make a reservation through the online form! Reserve our reliable one off disinfecting service in Strawberry Hill and discover the incredible domestic snugness and neatness!

One-off Cleaning Prices

  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum four hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum six hours of cleaning.

If you are happy and satisfied from our personal assistants, check out our regular domestic cleaning too!

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Our happy customers say ...

"I love that I can spend more time with my family and less time over getting my house clean. Thank you!"
Rebecca, Upper Holloway

"Our dog pee on the bedroom carpet and it smelled really horrible but your guys did a great job and there is no trace of the smell now - thank you for that!"
Amit, Paddington

"Always professional and paying attention to details! Thank you for your services! "
Neil, Battersea

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