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One Off Cleaning

Routine household chores make your living area visually neat and tidy. Actually, good level of hygiene is achieved when occasional Frognal one off cleaning procedures are also conducted. Some diligent housekeepers may object, but think a little bit about great resistance of microbes! There is no doubt, that thorough Frognal one off cleaning is needed every once in a while. This comprehensive sanitising must be performed with stronger detergents and more efficient disinfecting techniques. From now on, you can entrust this tedious obligation to our experienced Frognal one off cleaning company. Every citizen of NW3 area is offered to take advantage of our professional Frognal one off cleaning service.

The most appropriate occasions for this thorough Frognal one off cleaning session are season changes, special events, etc. It's up to you to determine when you need our convenient Frognal one off cleaning procedure. Different factors matter - presence of pets, little children. Right after our flexible Frognal one off cleaning service, you will feel high level of hygiene, great freshness and neatness.

One off cleaning special offer:

One off cleaning special offer

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Call us on 020 3455 5999 and get yourself our convenient Frognal one off cleaning service! Spending your time at home surrounded by clutter and disorder is unhealthy. Get to know all these tempting profits, ensured by our diligent Frognal one off cleaners:

  • Tell your personal maid if you prefer sanitising of some particular home areas, or you insist on disinfecting of the entire property in NW3 area. For too vast dwellings, it’s advisable to hire 5 hours tidying up and from 3 to 5 Frognal one off cleaners;
  • In most cases, customers require a single Frognal one off cleaning professional for minimum of 4 hours. The expert maid accomplishes thorough vacuuming of carpets and rugs; polishing different surfaces with the appropriate detergents; disinfecting bathroom and toilet premises; mopping floors; cleaning outside and inside messy drawers and cupboards and wardrobes.
  • Our convenient Frognal one off cleaning service features with flexibility when it comes to detergents, frequency and timing of the visitations. Customers are free to choose if they’ll take advantage of our high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning products, or they will provide their own supplies. Frequency of the Frognal one off cleaning procedure depends on level of contamination and your individual preferences.

Smart housekeepers choose our occasional Frognal one off cleaning services no matter if they diligently perform all household chores. Thanks to our expert Frognal one off cleaners microbes are killed and flawless hygiene is guaranteed. All deep sanitising techniques, applied by our professional Frognal one off cleaners, are green and eco-friendly. So, you can be calm that your little children, pets and even allergy sufferers are not endangered. Last, but not least - our flexible Frognal one off cleaning service is delivered at competitive and fair prices.

Reach us by calling on 020 3455 5999 and schedule an appointment for our super efficient and comprehensive Frognal one off cleaning session, available in the whole NW3 area!

One off Cleaning Prices:

  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum four hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum six hours of cleaning.

For all of you who adore constant tidiness, our professional Frognal domestic cleaning on regular basis is affordable and helpful option.

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"Many thanks, my sofa looks so much better now! I will be using you again."
Michelle, Forest Hill

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Jake, Bloomsbury

"I booked upholstery cleaning for my armchairs and am now using your regular service - thank you for all!"
Susan, Clapham