Hard Floor Polishing in Leicester Square WC2
Concrete and Marble Floor Polishing in Leicester Square WC2

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Hard Floor Polishing

Floor is a home area, where the dirtiness, dust, and the stains are at most. No matter what the surface is - concrete, tiles or wood flooring– constant and steady cleaning should be performed. House Cleaning London team goes even further - professional cleaner and experts from the company say Hard Floor Polishing is also needed to preserve living area fresh, clean, and hygienic for habitants, little kids, and pets. Hard Floor Polishing service is now available for the entire Leicester Square WC2 area. Call us on 020 3455 5999 and get a free quote with discount (if combined with other Cleaning service) or ask your questions about the offer! Secure your living area and bring the brilliance back to your ground floor! No matter where your house property in Leicester Square WC2 is located, we will manage to come and refresh your floor perfectly well and at absolutely competitive prices! Save for cleaning, your floor will be provided hard or soft polishing and sophisticated restoration. Here is what we do in Hard Floor Polishing in Leicester Square WC2:

  • Buffing – common soft Hard Floor Polishing. Suitable for all kinds of materials – concrete, marble, wood, slate, and limestone floor.
  • Grinding – intensive Hard Floor Polishing. Restores, cleans, refreshes and removes big layer of dust, stains, and grime. Specially tailored machine with diamond padding is used. The amount of dirtiness and damages of the floor determines the speed and the rate of the machine. Scraping the top layer of the floor is usually recommended to reduce the injuries and grime.
  • Sealing – recommended Floor Cleaning and Maintaining service. It provides extra additional layer for the floor that protects from scratches, grease, stains, and dust.
  • Polishing and Cleaning – minimum of Floor Restoration. Efficient cleaning detergents and special skills are used.
Marble Floor Polishing

Check our Leicester Square WC2 Hard Floor Polishing service prices by calling us on 020 3455 5999. You will be amazed by our attractive and affordable offers. Remember – a penny saved is a penny earned – so take the advantages of our cheap cleaning services now!

Floor Polishing Prices

Prices start from £5 per sqm. (approx. £0.46 per sqft). Prices vary depending on the floor moment condition, that is why a free expert viewing is recommended.

Minimum charge applies. For more information call our office for a free quote.

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Our happy customers say ...

"It was a real spring cleaning of my flat as it really smells like spring now. Thanks a lot."
Samantha, Hamstead

"The flat I had to move in looked so dirty that I couldn't imagine living there. I booked you and you provided a professional clean to such a high level that I was amazed - everything was so clean and there was a smell of freshness all around the place!"
Victoria, Brockley

"Your cleaner did a great job although my hoover let me down. I am so happy to have her as my regular cleaner."
Amy, Camden town