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Curtains and Mattress Cleaning

When was the last time when you took down your curtains to wash them? Pretty long ago, ah? And it’s completely understandable, because this task is one of the toughest household chores. It comprises taking down the curtains, washing them in the laundry machine, hanging them to dry up, ironing and climbing on a ladder to put them back. Forget about all these overwhelming procedures which make the whole job look extremely hard! House Cleaning London Ltd. is available here in West Horsley KT24, just a phone call away. Our professional curtains cleaning will put the end of your suffering.

Take advantage of our convenient service and ensure yourself a real weight off your shoulders! One call on 020 3455 5999 and we’ll change your idea for easily achieved awesome results. The sooner you contact us, the faster our team of experts will arrive to perform our reliable curtains cleaning! Don’t neglect this adorable detail of the domestic interior - the curtains! A strict and responsible housekeeper, just like you are, pays attention to all parts of his/her home area in West Horsley KT24. Who says that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself? Trust our professionals and you’ll get flawlessly cleaned and deeply sanitised curtains! Depending on the fabric House Cleaning London Ltd. applies two different techniques:

  • Steam cleaning in West Horsley KT24 - this classical method is appropriate for regular fabrics such as wool, wool mixture and synthetics. The typical feature here is the minimal usage of cleaning detergent which protects the saturated original colours. In addition, the water in the Steam Cleaning machine is deionised and purified. This ensures full removal of any dirt and dust.
  • Dry cleaning in West Horsley KT24 - delicate fabrics such as silk and linen curtains are treated through this special method. It will be applied also on curtains made of 100% wool, velvet, suede, and other natural fibres.

Bear in mind that your drapes play the role of barrier between the outside world and your interior living environment! Even if you can’t see that, they gather a lot of dust and they become a breeding ground for pollens, allergens and pathogens. Actually, maintaining them flawlessly clean is not vanity, but an important investment in the perfect health of your beloved family!

So, don’t postpone that task, the only effort you have to make is to dial 020 3455 5999 and to receive your free quote!

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • A pair of short curtains
  • A pair of long curtains
  • £20.00
  • £25.00

Minimum charge applies.

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • A pair of short curtains
  • A pair of long curtains
  • £40.00
  • £50.00

Minimum charge applies.

Mattress cleaning

Do you feel safe when you sleep on your mattress? Probably, you do. Actually, you’re not alone there since you’re surrounded by entire populations of pollens, allergens and pathogens. They’re not your “mattress mates”, but your enemies, because they endanger your health. Allergies, hay fever, eczema, rhinitis and asthma - all that is their fault. Stop the invasion of the cheeky bacteria by inviting us in your home in West Horsley KT24! Our experienced personnel will perform professional mattress cleaning. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to solve the problem once and for all, because of the humid environment your own body provides to the microbes.

If you get used to take advantage of our reliable service every once in a while, you can ensure yourself safer sleep. Take the responsibility for yours and for your family’s health! Entrust us your comfy mattress for deep steam cleaning in West Horsley KT24! In rarer cases, we apply dry cleaning.

A call on 020 3455 5999 today, saves you much trouble on your way!

Steam Cleaning Price:

  • Mattress
  • £20.00

Minimum charge applies.

Dry Cleaning Price:

  • Mattress
  • £40.00

Minimum charge applies.

Get yourself impeccable domestic hygiene by ordering our regular domestic cleaning!

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