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At House Cleaning London Ltd, our main aim is to provide you with an excellent home, house and office cleaning service, which will not only meet, but even exceed your expectations. We provide Leather Cleaning and Care, recommended for furniture suite in every office or house in WC2E Covent Garden. Leather sofas are elegant but delicate and require quite specific maintenance. Dusting and damp wiping is not enough to keep your sofa from harmful effects. Dirt and grease penetrate deep inside leather structure and degrade the protective coating. This causes drying of the leather and cracks in the upholstery. We could prevent this process by providing gentle care to your furniture with appropriate cleaning products. Our technicians in WC2E Covent Garden have undergone professional training on leather and delicate materials maintenance, so your favourite leather suite will be in safe hands.

We have operated in a number of offices and private homes in WC2E Covent Garden and we are really proud of our services quality. We provide regular leather sofa maintenance for many satisfied customers. It is recommended to perform Upholstery Leather Cleaning every 6 to 12 month in order to nourish and protect the coating, and keep the moisture balance in the correct norms.

We use top quality organic products for your valuable leather items. Mostly Upholstery Leather Cleaning is conducted by hand for more cautious and gentle care. We apply detergents mixed with tender conditioner, specifically tailored for Leather Cleaning. The PH balance in your tired leather suite will be restored and your sofas and armchairs will get their shiny luster back. We are available to clean any type of upholstery at your home living room or office lobby in WC2E Covent Garden.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices

  • Two-seat sofa
  • Three-seat sofa
  • Armchair
  • £50.00
  • £74.00
  • £38.00

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