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House Cleaning London Ltd provides cleaning services to the highest possible standard, focusing resources on each client's objectives. For many years we conduct carpet and rug cleaning for many happy customers in WC2B Drury Lane. We apply both steam and dry carpet cleaning methods, and our technicians are highly trained and experienced in this activity. We can advise you which method is appropriate for your carpet, if you are not sure whether the fabric is steam or dry cleanable.

Carpet Steam Cleaning is suitable for most contemporary manufactured carpets. It is very effective technique that will bring your carpet to its originally prime condition. We thoroughly vacuum the carpet, pre-treat the stains and heavy-traffic areas, then we use our professional steam machine to inject intensely acting detergent into the fibers and extract the loosened dirt with mighty suction. The carpet remains slightly damp after the procedure and is ready for use in just couple of hours. Our cleaning detergent will deodorize the carpet with a pleasant aroma, so you will obtain the best redolent house in WC2B Drury Lane.

If you have delicate carpet or rug, antique or hand made one, or made from natural fibers, than we will perform Carpet Dry Cleaning procedure. We will treat your carpet carefully to avoid any possible shrinkage, colour fading and unraveling. Our Carpet Dry Cleaning technique is gentle and safe, but very efficient. We use Hot Solvent System, which consists of applying specialized powder and heating it for dissolving the grime deep inside the fibers. We put in action the power of the steam machine to extract the dirt, but without usage of any water. Your carpet would be completely clean and you will be able to use right away all the premises in your house. We cover the whole area in WC2B Drury Lane so if you are in need of Carpet Dry Cleaning, House Cleaning London Ltd is here to help you.

Carpet and Rug Steam or Dry Cleaning is very important for the overall condition of the hygiene at home. Unfortunately, carpets accommodate numerous populations of dust mites, which cause various health problems. It is recommend your carpets to be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. These procedures will help prolonging the life of your carpeting and will thoroughly sanitize your house. We commit cleaning services both in private residences and office buildings in WC2B Drury Lane.

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